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Leistikowstrasse Potsdam Memorial

Free audio guide through the former Soviet secret service prison

08. June 2022

With a new audio guide, the memorial is responding to the increase in the number of individual visitors over the years. The approx. 60-minute tour now leads visitors through a total of 22 stations on the grounds and through all three floors of the former Soviet prison building. Each of the stations is based on a concrete exhibit of the permanent exhibition, a structural trace or a concrete biography, whose story is embedded in the historical context in each case. The audio tour focuses on the fates of the prisoners and their everyday life in prison. The audio guide is available in German, English and Russian. The audio guide can be conveniently accessed on site at the visitor centre on your own smartphone or tablet. Free Wi-Fi is available for this purpose on the entire grounds. Headphones can also be borrowed free of charge if required. The service is not only available on site, but can also be accessed at any time via the memorial's website.

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