Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenk‑ und Begegnungsstätte Leistikowstraße Potsdam

Since 2008

Portrait film

Leitikowstraße Potsdam Memorial | Soviet counterintelligence remand prison

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Leistikowstraße Memorial Foundation, Potsdam

On 5th December 2008, the Memorial Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte Leistikowstraße Potsdam was established, a foundation managed in trust by the Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten (Brandenburg Memorials Foundation). It was founded by the Evangelical Church Relief Association (EKH), which as the property's legal owner endowed the new foundation with the building requisitioned by Soviet military intelligence in 1945, and with a newly built visitor centre, completed in 2008.

The foundation is funded in equal parts by the German government and the federal state of Brandenburg. The executive body of the foundation is a board of trustees, which is comprised of one representative each of the EKH, the Brandenburg state ministry responsible for culture, the federal authority responsible for culture, and the statutory representative of the trustee. In addition, the foundation has an advisory board with up to ten members.

Leistikowstraße Memorial marked the start of its interim operation with a ceremonial event in March 2009. It went into full operation with the opening of a permanent exhibition in April 2012. Since then, the memorial has been open to members of the public six days a week. Around 10,000 visitors now come every year to its permanent and temporary exhibitions, public events and educational programmes. The staff consists of the director, the education officer and the administrative assistant.


Friends Association

Since 2014, the Leistikowstraße Memorial Foundation has benefited from the dedicated work and support of a Friends association. So far, the Friends have raised money to help pay for a bronze model of "Military Town No. 7" as well as the acquisition and restoration of important exhibits.